Surakarta – Student Association of Special Education University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta annually held upgrading for their new staff. This year, the event was held in Ngoresan Regional Campus on April, 6th – 7th 2019. The main goal is to improve their skills, especially in the organization.

On this period, UNS Student Association of Special Education named their cabinet “Baskara Bayanaka”. The name is mean the sunshine. hopefully, that their attendance may helpful for their study program and also others.

The event opened with speeches from the committee in the main campus. Then, all of the staff organized to go to the regional campus: Ngoresan. They walk together to reach there.

The activity begins with a class session. there are three sessions, first is about potential development from Novy Inna Fitriana, then the management of deficiency from Dony Bangkit as the president of Student Executive Board, and discuss the constitution with their senior in the end session.

After that, the participant open focus group discussion (FGD) about actual issues on their environment to solve it together.

Then, there is one-course again from daily staff. This time is about the importance of the association. This session is for introducing the association to the new staff and also burn their desire into the organization. This session takes place for about one hour.

The MC guides the event

Their activities on that day closed with performing arts from all of the staff. They sing, dance, play a role in the drama, etc. The interesting thing is junior and senior has the same opportunity to show their talent.

On the second day, there are to activities. First is outbound. They play many games in the group. And the second one is sharing the session with ex-student. Again, they got good motivation and desire injection from this session.

All of the activity on this event hopefully increase the motivation and passion in the organization of the staff of Student Association Special Education of UNS Surakarta 2019. -Zal/Er

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