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Being the center of the development of science, technology, and art in the field of special education teacher and Science of international repute based on the national cultural values


Education, learning, and guidance effectively to produce educators in the field of special education superior, highly competitive, independent and personality


Conducting research and development that supports the implementation of education and learning and are able to produce a variety of innovations in special education


Organizing activities and community development in the field of special education


Develop science, technology, and art that support development in the field of special education


Produce graduates who are faithful and devoted to God Almighty, noble, intelligent and skilled ready to be educators or educational staff professional global perspective;


Generate new innovations in the field of science teacher training and special education as a foundation for solving problems in the community and to build a better life;


Produce works of community service that is able to solve practical problems in the field of special education teacher and science.

The Profile of Special Education

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The Information about Special Education Departmen Activities

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UNS Student Increase Disability Care In Persons Through Gebyar HDI

The UNS Special Education Study Programs (PLB) has held an annual event titled the International Disabled Day (HDI) to commemorate the International Disabled Day on December 1, 2018. This activity is located in the main atrium of Solo Grand Mall. The event took place from 09.30 am with a series of events.

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New Student Selection of Sebelas Maret University

New Student Admission Selection of March University is the entrance to the March University of Surakarta, here you will get all information regarding procedures for admission to study at UNS.

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Upgrading HMP 2019

Surakarta – Student Association of Special Education University of March Surakarta held annually Reviews their upgrading for new staff. This year, the event was held in Ngoresan Regional Campus on April, 6th – 7th, 2019. The main goal is to improve Reviews their skills, especially in the organization.

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