The UNS Special Education Study Program (PLB) has held an annual event titled International Disabled Day (HDI) to commemorate International Disabled Day on December 1, 2018. This activity is located in the main atrium of Solo Grand Mall. The event took place from 09.30 WIB with a series of events.

Gebyar HDI 2018 carries the theme “Resilient and Sustainable Inclusion Society”. This theme was raised so that the community can increase awareness of persons with disabilities and for the creation of a strong and sustainable inclusion society for the advancement of the Indonesian nation.

The event was opened by singing Indonesian Raya songs together by PLB students and attendees. When singing Indonesian Raya songs there is also a sign language translator for Indonesia Raya songs. Followed by a series of events called HDI which consisted of several activities such as the appearance of children with special needs from the Extraordinary School (SLB) in Solo Raya, inspirational talk show, exhibition of works from children with special needs of Special Schools (SLB) throughout -Solo Raya, the announcement of the winners of the HDI 2018 event competition, guest star performances, and interesting performances from UNS PLB students.

Appearances by children with special needs from several Special Schools (SLB) were attended by SLB A YKAB, SLB Harmoni, SLB Panca Bakti Mulya, YPPCG, YPAC, and YPSLB. They performed traditional dances such as Saman dance, Pitik Walik dance, Monel dance, and Kipas dance. In addition, there are also fashion shows and songs brought by children with special needs.

The event continued with a talk show with speakers Gunarhadi as an academic from UNS, Triyono who was the founder of motorcycle taxi for disabled people and owner of Difa City Tour Triyono, and also Ni Made Arianti Putri who is an Asian Para Games athlete. Triyono and Ni Made who are persons with disabilities share their stories of struggle with the general public. Triyono talked about the grief experienced when opening a motorcycle taxi whose driver was a person with disabilities in Yogyakarta. Ni Made said his hard struggle to win 2 silver medals in athletic sports at the 2018 Asian Para Games. Meanwhile, Gunarhadi said that currently, inclusive education has developed in Indonesia, thus opening opportunities for equal education for persons with disabilities.

On the sides of the atrium, there is an exhibition of cubits of works from children with special needs. Hasta exhibited works such as beads, tissue boxes, photo frames, souvenirs, and miniatures. Besides being exhibited, the cubits of the work are also sold to visitors. There is also a laboratory exhibition of PLB in the form of Braille typewriters, for these feet and hands, as well as short leg brace.

Before the big HDI event took place, several series of events were held, namely Cheerful CFD on November 11, 2018, painting competitions for children with special needs on November 17, 2018, mural and goalball competitions on November 24, 2018, and scientific writing competition on the 30th. November 2018. The winners of the competition at the HDI program series were announced at the time of the HDI.

“We deliberately held various events since the beginning of November so that the public would increasingly know that there is an International Disabled Day,” said Faisal Cahyo Laksono as Chair of the 2018 HDI Committee.

At the peak of the Gebyar HDI event, there were performances from Rizky Makarima, favorite champions Sunsilk Hijabhunt Trans7 2018 and Mechasound, pop genre bands from the Faculty of Engineering UNS. The event was closed with a flashmob performance from all the committees as well as UNS PLB students.

The series of Gebyar HDI activities are expected to foster awareness of the general public to be more concerned about people with disabilities.

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