New Student Admission Selection Sebelas Maret University is the entrance to Sebelas Maret University Surakarta, here you will get all information regarding procedures for admission to study at UNS.

1. Profile of Study Programs: To see Profile of Study Programs, Levels, Accreditation, Education Fees and Capacity.

2. Information & Schedule: To View Entrance Path Information in the form of Requirements and Activity Schedules for each path.

3. Registration: To carry out the registration process.

4. Announcement of Selection Results: To View the Announcement of Selection Results

5. News: To see the latest information about the process of admitting new students at the UNS.

6. Download: The page provided downloads publication material.

7. Registration: To View Procedure Information Registration for participants who pass the selection or are accepted

You can also contact the SPMB UNS Secretariat Office on Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 36 A SPMB Building Lt. 1 Surakarta Kentingan Campus 57126 Phone Direct. (0271) 634880, Hunting: (0271) 646994 Psw. 358 Fax. (0271) 634880 Website: E-mail: Facebook: spmb.uns

UNS also provides subsidies/scholarships for high achieving but poor students. Schools that need can contact the Student Bureau through Tel. 0271-663378

Attention !!!

UNS DOESN’T COOPERATE with Parties of Test Guidance / Guidance or similar Institutions to conduct Try-Out activities and promise convenience/graduation to be accepted at UNS.

DO NOT BELIEVE any party that offers graduation by paying a sum of money or other compensation. UNS only accepts New Students through a path that has been published through the official website

Registration that has been done by prospective students with Online Systems can be done from anywhere according to the specified schedule. Costs incurred by prospective students for the registration process cannot be withdrawn because they are considered to have followed the registration process which is a provision of service.

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