International Day of Disabilities is an international commemoration proclaimed by the United Nations since 1992 which aims to introduce understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and welfare of persons with disabilities. This International Day of Disabilities is celebrated every December 3rd.

Special Education Study Program of FKIP UNS routinely organizes activities to commemorate International Day of Disabilities every year. One year ago, International Day of Disabilities activities could only be carried out online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and finally this year these activities could be held again offline. The implementation of the International Disability Day commemoration by PLB FKIP UNS consisted of several series of activities, namely Car Free Day 1, Car Free Day 2, Competition Parade, and the climax was the Gebyar Hari Disabilitas  UNS 2022.

The first activity was Car Free Day 1 (23/10/22). This activity was held on Jalan Slamet Riyadi, to be precise, in front of YPAC Surakarta. In this activity a kirab was held to voice related disability issues and also opened a stand for visitors who wanted to learn sign language and also write Braille letters.

The second activity was Car Free Day 2 (06/11/22). This activity was also held on Jalan Slamet Riyadi. In this activity, a work exhibition was held by several special schools in Surakarta. In this exhibition, visitors who were interested in the works presented could buy the works. In addition, live music was also held as entertainment.

The third activity was the Competition Parade (21/11/22), this activity was held at the Solo Grand Mall. In this activity, several competitions were held, such as song covers for the disability category, coloring for the disability category, photography for the general category, and crafts for the disability category.

The highlight of the 2022 International Disability Day commemoration activities organized by PLB FKIP UNS was the Celebration of HDI UNS 2022 (04/12/22). This activity had the theme “The Magic of Your Sight”. The forms of this activity were art performances and talk shows. This activity presented several interesting performances such as talk shows, wayang (Traditional Leather Puppet) performances by young dalang (puppeteers) who are students with visual impairments, as well as collaborative performances by students of special education.

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